VR Disney Store
Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd.
At the Virtual Disney Store, users can enjoy picking up UniBEARsity stuffed animals, fashion items, miscellaneous lifestyle goods, and taking pictures. You can also go to the official Disney Store Online to shop their lineup and make purchases. There are areas for Disney, Marvel, and Disney Twisted Wonderland at the store. In addition, we planned a campaign so users who show that they used the hashtag #virtualdisneystore on their social media received a 10% discount.
Virtual Boat Show “TOYOTA Marine WORLD”
Audi Virtual Test Drive
Audi Japan KK
This virtual test drive at Virtual Market was the first of its kind for the automobile industry. Audi's first electric vehicle, the E-tron, was not yet released in Japan when it was on display at Parareal Tokyo. When visitors clicked the E-tron, they warped to a huge Audi booth where they received live customer service from experienced staff and a test drive riding the car along a course. Users who registered for the newsletter received a 3D model of an Audi original racing suit, and users who registered for Audi membership received a 3D model of an Audi original t-shirt for free.
Virtual Netflix Theater
BEAMS Virtual Shop
BEAMS Co., Ltd.
A Virtual Market original store modeled after the BEAMS flagship store in Harajuku. On the first floor, BEAMS x Virtual Market official goods (4 types of T-shirts, 4 types of long-sleeved T-shirts) and a BEAMS original version of Virtual Market's official character, Vket-chan were exhibited and sold. We also collaborate with various IPs including a huge original rocket also exhibited outdoors as a symbol of collaboration with JAXA. A unique booth that incorporates the characteristics of BEAMS everywhere.
Godzilla Virtual Attraction
One of our exhibits featured Godzilla from Japan's world-class monster movie. At the booth, visitors ride an elevator to the roof where Godzilla appears and destroys a Japan-themed city in an impressive virtual experience. The latter half of the exhibit was a great hit, with users being engulfed in flames. 3D Godzilla avatars and accessories were also sold at the booth, so users could join VR events in the form of Godzilla themselves.
PKCZ Special VR ChamberZ Meet & Greet
Virtual Hawks Store
SoftBank Corp. & Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks
This new concept shop called GINZA 456 Created by KDDI (abbreviated GINZA456) that actually exists in Ginza set up shop at the Virtual Market. The basement was compatible with the popular Nreal Light AR glasses, which could be installed and attached to users' avatars. With Nreal Light installed, the user's field of view changes significantly and they can watch the first episode of Netflix's original show Alice in Borderland.
Japan XR Science Forum 2020
United Japanese researchers Around the world Cheiron Initiative
The Japan XR Science Forum 2020 in the U.S. Midwest aims to interact with and support Japanese medical researchers and their families who are active overseas. It is an international forum held with the aim of increasing the presence of Japanese science and technology in the world. The VR venue saw VR research presentations by overseas Japanese researchers, exchanges for joint research between different fields, presentation ceremonies by avatars of various awards, and information exchange related to study abroad. The venue saw 1,117 attendees from 13 countries around the world, including Asia and 400 relatives of participants. HIKKY utilizes the know-how of production and operation of the world's largest VR event, the Virtual Market. We provide technical support for science forum lead design, world setup, and presentations by researchers and celebrities in VR space.
ROTOBO Cosmetic Fair in Virtual
Japan Association for Trade with Russia & NIS
This is a virtual exhibition held by ROTOBO with the support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to support Japanese companies entering the Russian cosmetics and beauty-related product market. Twenty-six Japanese companies dealing with various products such as cosmetics, face massagers, body care products, and hair care products exhibited. There was also a special exhibition stand that collected only Covid-19 infection control products from exhibiting companies. Visitors saw each company's product information, company information, PR images and more, just like at in-person exhibitions. Online business negotiations and inquiries were also available.