Messages from our directors
Yasushi Funakoshi
The VR market is now rapidly increasing in demand all over the world. Since its establishment, HIKKY has utilized VR to provide many unprecedented services. We have cultivated new markets with a new generation of creators who use VR as a place to express themselves, and we promote the XR business outside the VR domain by making full use of the technology and know-how we have accumulated. All of our services have been a great challenge to develop and without precedent, but now we have grown to the extent that our offerings are required not only in Japan, but all over the world. This would not be possible without the support we receive from our wonderful creators, skillful staff, and understanding partner companies. HIKKY is a new company that will continue to reflect and improve along every step of the way. We will do our best to create the world of our dreams along with new values in collaboration with all.
Chief Virtual Officer
A novel way of working is emerging in the world: working in virtual spaces. As the CVO at HIKKY, I produce events held in virtual space. Sometimes I manage more than 100 staff, but I haven't met over 90% of them in person. I can work without any issues despite the staff not knowing what I look like, what my real name is, or even my gender. HIKKY is a place where people can work regardless of handicaps. We have many employees, including myself, with illnesses such as depression and panic disorder, and other employees who have other difficulties going to work or working for a long time because they are raising kids or taking care of relatives. This is possible because we are communicating using the names, personalities, and appearance of avatars in virtual reality. Working as an avatar goes one step beyond the existing capabilities of remote work. We have come together with a common vision of liberating human creativity from existing values. Many occupations will be born in VR beyond programming roles. Even those who have difficulty playing an active part in real life can shine in VR. I would like to shed light on this new way of life -- working in a virtual space.

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HIKKY Co., Ltd.
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May 1, 2018
Yasushi Funakoshi
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VR, AR, MR and related XR services
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