Job Description
Develop the back end of the website and EC service that will be the entrance and lead to VR. This is a challenging area that seeks to integrate VR and the Web, which is the next-generation Internet.
・ 2+ years of work experience in web applications with Ruby on Rails ・ Development experience using Git ・ Development experience using MySQL ・ Basic knowledge of HTML / CSS / JavaScript
・ Interested in projects in the highly novel VR industry ・ Can not only pursue novelty but also apply existing know-how to solid design and development ・ Understanding of creators in other fields and the user community, able to collaborate with them ・ Experience using Datadog ・ Experience using GCP and AWS ・ Experience using TypeScript / React ・ Page optimization based on statistical information ・ Able to communicate in English
Work Location
Remote work with commute to the HIKKY office (nearest station: Ebisu) as needed.
Work Hours
We have adopted an off-site working hours system Working hours are up to the employee. The base working hours are: 1. Start at 10:00, End at 19:00 2. Break time: 60 minutes
Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays
Vacation days
Annual paid leave system (first year: 10 days a year) Condolence leave, special leave, etc.
Welfare pension insurance, health insurance, employment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance
Once a year (end of year) The bonus amount will be decided for each person in consideration of the company's performance and the work performance of the employee.
Fixed overtime allowance Job title allowance Commuting allowance, etc.